Corporate Internship Programme (CIP)

Corporate Internship Programme 2022

Business Context

Businesses are processing personal data more than ever today – they collect it excessively, they process and share it unanimously, they retain it indefinitely and they seldom secure it appropriately. Businesses have unfettered policies, processes, technology, and workforce. They have clear business goals and strategies. However, at times, they do not bother about the quality of data and protection of data, over which apparently, their whole business model is relying. The consumers have trusted them with their personal data and businesses have an ethical duty to safeguard their interests, rights, and freedom.

Since last half a decade, with emergence of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), and other similar and stringent data protection laws emanating from various jurisdictions, data protection is considered as not only an ethical concern, but also now a compliance concern, backed by sanctions. To substantiate, EU has recently barred any prima facie trans-Atlantic personal data transfers to US because of the surveillance activities conducted there. The essence is that non-compliance is not an option.

About us

Adaah offers data protection consulting and management services for organizations. We are on an endeavor to make data protection compliance management an objectively achievable target for businesses striving for it. We have well-structured service portfolio, customized offerings, trusted partners, and subject matter experts.
Equipped with our capabilities and expertise, we are on a journey to enable organizations build a safe digital ecosystem. Our advisory and transformation services not only guide the organizations with the right way of managing the data protection, but also paves the path for a scalable and sustainable model.

Internship opportunity

Adaah offers an opportunity for internship in the domain of data privacy and protection. Below are the details in this regard.

Resource requirement: 02-05 interns

Duration of internship: 02 months (4 hours a day)

Candidates we look for:

Adaah is on a look out for motivated young professionals who can help us in materializing our vision. We require a blend of candidates who come from different backgrounds including legal, management consulting, technology, and cyber-space, with a keen interest in ethical data protection practices. They will work closely with the leadership of Adaah while exploring the global data privacy industry and sharing their experiences with each other for an inclusive development.

The work you’ll do:

Privacy and data protection today is an industry stemming from the amalgamation of legal, procedural, and technical expertise, without any one of these pillars, the ecosystem can collapse. Thereby, we will assign tasks subject to your forte.

Legal and Business Management Interns:

As legal and business management interns, you will be involved studying and comprehending various data protection laws viz. EU-GDPR, Australian Federal Privacy Act 1988, California’s CCPA, China’s PIPL, Singapore’s PDPA, along with certain industry-specific legislations and build Point-of-View (PoV) documents on the subject matter.

You will be building a Data Privacy Compliance Management Toolkit that may include assessment checklists and templates for policies, procedures, and vendor contracts.

You will also be involved in developing project execution approach documents, business proposals and collaterals. You will also be encouraged to write articles to be published on our website.

Technology Interns:

Data privacy efforts may turn out to be futile without appropriate data security technical and organizational controls in place. The legislations, prima facie, allow the organizations to decide on which data security controls they need to incorporate.
As technology interns, you will be working on identifying security risks in existing and emerging technologies, which may include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, smart devices, augmented reality, etc. with a keen focus on personal data protection.
You will be leveraging industry-wide accepted data security frameworks and standards like NIST, ISO 27001/2, ISO 27701, to build a ‘Reasonable Security Control Checklist’ common for all legislations and customizable to various technologies.
You will also be conducting comparative analyses on various data protection automation products in the market and build a scalable framework to compare data protection tools. You will also be encouraged to write articles to be published on our website.

Accolades and benefits:

  • On successful completion of the internship, all interns will be rewarded with an internship certificate.
  • The star performer(s) will receive LinkedIn recommendation on his/her/their LinkedIn page(s) from the company CEO.