Adaah CIPP/E Readiness Boot Camp

Adaah Certified Privacy Professional - India (ACPP/IN)

Course Overview

The certification course ACPP/IN is curated by Adaah Solutions, leveraging its years of consulting experience and the expertise of the qualified and credentialed trainers. The course is designed to make you dive deep into key legislation provisions and practical implications to master data privacy landscape from India’s standpoint.

ACPP/IN Certification Course Outline

This certification course ACPP/IN encompasses India’s endeavors to regulate the data protection industry, digital data processing frameworks, sectoral legislations, DPDP Act basics, privacy programme management, and privacy operations with some specific use cases. We enlist below the outline of our course:

  • Historical background of the development of Privacy Law with focus on India. This will cover the development of the privacy regulation across major jurisdictions, OECD and India. IT Act 2000 and the amendments thereto shall be covered.
  • Framework of Digital Data Protection Act 2023: This will draw the contours of the Act of 2023 along with the key concepts.
  • Sectoral regulations including the draft on the dark patterns: This will include the existing regulations/guideline in sectors such as financial, insurance, health etc, that have relevance from Privacy or data localisation standpoint. This will also cover the draft guidelines on dark patterns.
  • Basis of Processing of Personal data under DPDP Act: In depth analysis of elements of choice, contents of notice, privacy policy along with the basis of processing keeping in view ‘consent regime’ and ‘legitimate use’.
  • Practical insights into Privacy Program Management for an Organisation: This will include understanding of the roles and obligations of Data fiduciaries and Data processors, baselining the Organisation, Third Party (Vendor) risk assessment and due diligence from M&A perspective.
  • Right of data principles, mechanism to ensure the exercise of the same, role of Consent Managers, Safeguards while processing data of children and persons with disability.
  • Conducting Privacy Impact Assessment, Implementation of Technical and Organizational measures and Privacy Audit.
  • Privacy incident/breach response framework along with emerging issues concerning privacy in IoT Devices, wearables, connected cars, smart cities etc.
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